The health industry, including the branches of human and veterinary medicines, medical devices, medical technologies, and in vitro diagnostics, is a major sector of the French economy.

France benefits from a global influence in R&D, resulting from the strong mobilization of companies on innovation.

JUNCA & ASSOCIÉS and its specialists in intellectual property law offer you a global approach, personalized support, and specific solutions in industrial innovation related to the medical sector.

  1. The medical sector in France
  2. An innovative and competitive sector
  3. The lawyers specializing in intellectual property and the industrial property consulting engineers of  JUNCA & ASSOCIÉS advise you in the protection of your innovations.

The medical sector in France

France is fortunate to have a health industries and technologies (ITS) sector as part of it’s territory, comprising a large number of companies (ETIs and SMEs), contributing to research, development, production and marketing products and processes in the field of health. The ITS sector achieves a turnover of 90 billion euros, 40% of which is exported, and represents a payroll of 455,000 jobs.

This sector is widely established on French territory with 260 pharmaceutical laboratories, around 1,400 manufacturers of medical devices, 100 in vitro diagnostic companies, 450 biotechs and medtechs, and many innovative start-ups in applications, telemedicine solutions, clinical decision support or data analysis tools.

The medical industry is clearly one of the most dynamic and prolific industrial sectors in France.


An innovative and competitive sector

To increase the innovation and competitiveness of the health industry, it is necessary to activate industrial levers in R&D, the production and marketing of the resulting products and processes, particularly by seeking funding, defending and promoting innovation, or even thanks to new information and communication.

Particularly noticeable is the exponential growth in the digital health sector, or e-health, the purpose of which is to apply information and communication technologies (ICT) to all health-related activities.

This industry must be transformed to improve health care outcomes, and ultimately quality of life, all whilst lowering costs. Companies are therefore striving to meet this objective through many innovations such as three-dimensional (3D) printing devices, medical imaging technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality or telehealth.

It is obvious that the major challenges of tomorrow for this industry are closely linked to the evolution and constant improvement of medical technologies, usable data, AI and connected objects.


Lawyers specializing in intellectual property and industrial property consulting engineers from JUNCA & ASSOCIÉS advise you in the protection of your innovations in the medical field.

JUNCA & ASSOCIÉS offers you a complete technical and legal proposition for the protection of your innovations. The global approach proposed is entirely personalized and implemented by support adapted to your needs and your innovation, in particular for :

  • Identifying the innovation and studying its patentability ;
  • Exploring the freedom to operate the innovation ;
  • Filing and obtaining a patent for the invention ;
  • Drafting and managing contracts related to the innovation ;
  • Defending the patent in case of litigation.

In terms of industrial property, JUNCA & ASSOCIÉS assists you in the protection of your innovations from patent filing to litigation, as well as in the protection of your brand and the drafting of your industrial and commercial agreements.