The digital sector has been one of the leading job creators for a decade despite the health crisis with 4,600 jobs created in 2020, and the growth of +7.4% expected for the year of 2022.

Faced with numerous issues such as health, environmental responsibility, privacy protection and reindustrialization, the constantly evolving digital industry faces more complex challenges.

JUNCA & ASSOCIÉS and its digital specialists will be at your side to answer and support you through all your digital transition issues.

  1. The digital  industry, a booming sector
  2. The digital industry, a vast and complex sector
  3. The lawyers of JUNCA & ASSOCIÉS accompany you every step of the way

The digital industry, a booming sector

The digital economy, which brings together all economic activities related to IT, robotization, artificial intelligence and Big Data, employs more than half a million people in France in a market that revalued at 60.8 billion euros in 2022, and with a growth between 5% and 11% depending on the area.

The digital sector is marked by exponential growth, especially since the COVID crisis, which has accelerated digital transformation. This sudden and brutal acceleration raises new legal questions and issues that require creative and appropriate responses.


The digital industry, a vast and complex sector

The digital industry is now vital and transversal for all other sectors, both in terms of services and industry.

Digital law, a complex field because it is as vast as it is varied, is now present in all branches of traditional law. Its challenges have a significant daily impact on our lives.

The legal problems related to digital technologies are varied : proof of anteriority, protection of databases, protection of software architecture, patent protection, contracts for the exploitation of digital innovations, etc.

The difficulties encountered by companies are therefore often linked to the protection of intellectual property rights. In this ultra-competitive and constantly changing context, this means taking every precaution to protect your inventions quickly and effectively.


The lawyers of JUNCA & ASSOCIÉS accompany you every step of the way

JUNCA & ASSOCIÉS offers you innovative legal and commercial solutions adapted to your needs, both in consulting and in litigation.

In terms of preventive advice and protection of digital assets, our firm offers you the following :

Advice :

  • Negotiation, review and drafting of collaborative contracts ;
  • Negotiation, review and drafting of licensing or assignment agreements ;
  • Review and drafting of legal materials for e-commerce ;

Protection :

  • Establishment of evidence of anteriority relating to the software, source code, software architecture, preparatory design documentation ;
  • Identification of protectable elements ;
  • Protection of databases ;
  • Identification of patentable subject matter when there is a technical effect ;
  • Trademark protection.

Litigation :

  • Support in the search for amicable solutions in the context of pre-litigation ;
  • Defending digital innovations in an action for infringement and / or unfair and parasitic competition.

In terms of industrial property, JUNCA & ASSOCIÉS supports you in the protection of your innovations from the filing of patents to litigation, as well as in the protection of your brand and the drafting of your industrial and commercial agreements.